1. Eric Xue
    Eric Xue
  2. Ming Liu
    Ming Liu
  3. Yanfeng Chen
    Yanfeng Chen
  4. Haifeng Liu
    Haifeng Liu
  5. Emilian Ghinga
    Emilian Ghinga
  6. Kevin Yao
    Kevin Yao
  7. Mike Massey
    Mike Massey
  8. Bob Rogers
    Bob Rogers
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In the next year, PowerBuild will be participating the construction of Castleberry Park Project, a 400,000 square feet sized commercial and residential complex in downtown Atlanta. PowerBuild’s projects result in tremendous economic growth, and we help facilitate the residents in the United States to live in better communities.
ATL Architects LLC is a Georgia licensed general contractor that owns the most experienced management team in the neighborhood area. We have built two residential communities, renovated hundreds of apartment units in Atlanta Georgia. By providing the best quality to the project and bringing under budget, ahead of schedule services, our company has gained popularity significantly.